Vacuum Processing Equipment

Envax manufactures quality  vacuum processing equipment
for a variety of applications including but not limited to:
  • Bench-Top Rectangular
  • Vacuum Potting, Encapsulation & Casting
  • Vacuum Altitude, Degassing and Experimentation
  • Cylindrical
  • Dipping Elevator
  • Custom Size & Application
The bench-top style, front-door rectangular vacuum chambers have
been contributing to Envax customers' R & D and manufacturing
efforts for decades.  They are available in three standard sizes and
models, as well as in custom sizes.  Through continuous
improvement, they meet today's more stringent customer

Standard models include the EconVac series, General Purpose
Vacuum Chamber with no "bells and whistles"; VC Series General
Purpose Vacuum Chambers; VE Series Vacuum Encapsulators;
and the VM Series Vacuum Mixers.     
Envax Products, Inc.
Envax Products, Inc.
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VE-16 Vacuum Encapsulator with Rotary Table
VM-10-VSM with 1.77 liter container
VacuDip 36-24-24-2D has two doors, and PLC control with a touch screen
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